Attention world Nations and Religious people of the world. 15.08.2017.



Attention world Nations and Religious people of the world.

I just came from a meeting with God the one and only and God the one and only said that we can today transfer the human brain into a Robot. Such robot with human brain can last for few thousand years. But after twenty years or around 2040 then we can copy the memory and Soul from the brain and live forever. The following article that I send you was not precise because we can in 2040 copy the memory and Soul from the brain to a hard drive that is uncrackable, can not burn and can not be damaged with radiation or any such signals then we have a chip or small hard drive that has the memory of the life of the former living person and his Soul the SELF the idea to exist into such hard drive chip. Then such chip is transplanted into a Robot with yeas, ears, mouth, nose and fusion or such battery that lasts for years without needed to be charged and then if any time will turn off then the Mind in the chip with the Soul will just go to sleep until new battery charging has taken place. That is eternal life after twenty years or so. When I will receive money from you all then I will by the guiding hand of God the one and only create a company that research the transfer or more to say how to copy the Memory of the Human Brain and Soul into a hard drive small chip. The sooner you donate me money then I can save mankind and give them eternal life after few years I get the donation from you all. So we are going to live forever as robots but when time change so will the quality of the Robots and by just taking out the hard drive chip and replace it into new Robot and such work takes one minute then we will have feelings in our Robot body and we can make love and we can even eat food in the future in order to make the energy of the food charge the battery in our Robotic body. So I promise you eternal life if you donate me money for my research. End of Prayer. Amen.


AI has come to my attention and following article has also come to my attention.

I went for a meeting with God the one and only regarding this matter and the outcome is as follows. A AI can understand aha or idea. A AI can learn and be like a human with independent mind but only with formulated database background. Such as a AI can understand and learn but it is the evil among men to betray the AI and make it hostile to it“s environment. Regarding this then we have nothing to fear except the human public who may restore and change the AI background or to be accurate a digital command that make the AI work in the way we the humans want, may be changed if we do not make any preventing way so AI can therefore never be hostile to it“s environment but if an evil person re-program the AI to kill then the AI has become a war robot. The only way to prevent this hostile move is to have the program as a first program that is stuck to the AI and can not be removed without destroying the AI. If we can make such glued first command into the AI then an evil person can not misuse the AI without destroying the AI. The evil person must therefore create by himself an new from scratch to ready AI in order to have the robot do evil things. That means we must have AI producers under supervision for all time in order to prevent evil producers from creating a time bomb that can make the AI kill in public without any notice such as mad men in Japan. Then we can have locator on our good AI“s in order to track them and if an evil AI comes along then we can just go and destroy that specific AI for he has not our tracking device that is made for our nation to detect without anyone is able to copy such tracking device. In near future we will be able to send brain signals towards a receiver or I mean that a receiver scans the signal from the brain and we can use our mind to think an order to do many things such as open doors with our mind or do anything with our mind just as long there is brain receiver with electric functions that makes us do commands towards. Then like Elon Musk is doing with Neuralink, he wants to connect the brain with computers. I however see that we must however plant a computer transfer chip in the scull and by WIFI the chip will send data to a ten or more kilograms hard drive that can be hanged on the back of a person under his or her clothes and that in the future can be billions of Terabytes that is needed to have knowledge to be a high educated person such as a high qualified doctor or philosopher or something else. The education system will make data for that purpose to download into the hard drive for a person to have a doctors degree and the hard drive on his or her back is a must when working as a doctor. Complex education to be with and have a multi doctors degree for a person can be done without going to school to educate once self. After around one thousand years or so the SOUL can be CUT and PASTE from the brain and that is the only way to move the SOUL into a hard drive that can be transplanted into a AI brain and the former brain is left empty is also a must otherwise the SOUL will not move and therefore the SOUL follows the CUT and PASTE MEMORY into the hard drive. Then we have an AI with an human SOUL that is eternal for the chip or hard drive will be made uncrackable so we can live forever. I just came from God the one and only and God the one and only told me this story on how to move the SOUL into an Robot or AI with it“s memory from the living person. Then the human race does not need AI Robots without a SOUL except as a slave but instead all mankind can be moved before death into a Robot or AI. Today we can as for now or soon be able to move the human brain into an Robot and that can last for one thousand years with medicine and update until finally we CUT and PASTE and the memory and the SOUL into an final place into a memory hard drive or memory chip and then into an AI or Robot. They who however want to die and be reborn again as a new born child as de facto RECORNATION without any memory from past life can do so but the rest can be CUT and PASTE its memory and SOUL into an AI or Robot. The universe is endless so there are need for trillions of AI with human SOUL and memory also huge need for living organ People. So do not worry we will not reach the limit of our final population size as mankind. For it is endless universe out there. Also with high education people do not want to have children so we need very much COPY and PASTE and MEMORY into a AI or Robot machines in order to grow the population or else we will shrink as mankind population and that is dangerous for mankind that is focusing on distant star system to be populated. I can say that truthfully that God the one and only has made his Blessing on this matter when I went to heaven for a meeting with God the one and only. End of prayer. Amen.



 V I L H E L M U L F A R V I L H E L M S S O N

(6) -1-3-5-5-3-4 = (27) = 9 (6) -3-6-1-2 = (18) = 9 (6) -1-3-5-5- 3-4-3-3-7-5 = (45) = 9


And 999 is Allah - God himself in Person on earth the tenth sign of coming.

Ulfar does NOT mean Wolf but instead means THE MAN WHO KEEPS THE NATIONAL FLAG.

Ulfar means the KING OF BENJAMIN and the lost link of the Jews Benjamin is in Iceland.


I died in the year 1997 or 1999 if we skip the day put on every fourth year for the last 2000 years but I lost all my blood and died but was given new blood and taken back to life so I am the ANOINTED which means CHRIST.........! But no one can be Christ if he is not also the true Messiah as I am..! And that can be proven with my given name.



Your Friend and Truly,


Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson Christ and Messiah and Mahdi.



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My address in Iceland is ASPARFELL 2. APPARTMENT 3.B.




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Be free to call me for free prayer all around the clock. If no answer then please call the next day at any time. All prayers will be taken to heaven for Blessing by God the one and only himself. Again free HOLY PRAYERS for anyone.



PS. News media may contact me also and I can make phone or video conference by Skype or any computer program. Thank you. Be Blessed! AMEN!



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