Attention United Kingdom or England to be correct. 25.07.2017.



Attention United Kingdom or England to be correct.

It has come to my attention that you have Prime Minister office in DOWNING STREET 10. You must be crazy. Is Downing Street Ten from the Bible like my situation that in the tenth time God himself will step down on earth. Downing Street Ten is when God steps down on Earth in the tenth time. Are you waiting in Downing Street Ten for God to speak to you in his tenth coming??? Are you crazy to think that God himself the one and only will ever step down on Downing Street Ten??? Please remove your office to another location and stop this childish bullshit. DOWNING STREET 10 what a joke you are but simply with stupid mind. And stop copying the HOLY GERMAN CAR. End of Prayer.


Attention China.

Have you contacted Germany and offered Germany free import and tax free Chinese Market? If not then please do so as fast as possible. And please punish Chinese companies who copy the Holy German Car. The Holy German Car may never again be copied ever again. Thank you. End of Prayer.


Attention Iran.

You must make peace with Israel if you want my blessing for freeing your nation. If not you may face Nuclear Attack by Israel at any time soon. That is what you deserve as a hostile nation. You sponsor terrorists and that must stop. I am leading the Holy War Jihad against Iran as Mahdi in person which Allah himself the one and only said that I am. You may sponsor me in person and send me cheque in post around few million dollars and I will sponsor you. End of prayer.


Attention France.

I told you before that you must support Russia into the European Union as full member as Germany itself. Russia want to be member and I promise you that Russia will be peaceful inside the European Union. End of Prayer.


Attention Danmark.

I told you long ago to invite Russia to be invited into the military organization NATO. Regarding NATO Carter number 13 then there state that NATO will end and close down if the Soviet Union will end. So Danmark please contact other members of NATO and have a vote on Russia“s full membership. I promise you that you will never regret that decision to make Russia full member of the military organization named NATO. End of Prayer.


Attention the illegal nation called Palestine.

Please prepare to move out from Gaza Strip and West Bank and move to other Arab Nations. You will be welcome to settle in any Arab nation and even here in Iceland. Be aware that Gaza Strip and the West Bank is a property of the Israel People so please leave these part of Israel so Israel can brake down the former Palestinian houses and companies so Israel people can build whatever they like on that land. I damn and support Israel to shoot to kill any Palestinian person who is on the land of Gaza Strip and the West Bank after this year has ended. Palestinians have no claim what so ever to these peace of land. Former Arabs who lived on the land of Israel after Allah the one and only gave the people of Jacob the land of Israel, are now related to the Jewish people and are therefore Jewish. But you are not Jewish so please leave the land of the Israeli people. End of Prayer.


Attention United States of America.

You must hurry and invade the land of North Korea before they build more weapons for defence. You may use Nuclear weapons to make North Korea surrender or any other arm forces. I have made my blessing on behalf of God the one and only and I. So you can with ease take over North Korea when you do invade North Korea. And please do not make any new punishment on Russia because Russia want to be loyal friend and partner of United States of America. They deserve better. Forget the Crimea peninsula because that is Russian land as history can teach you. End of Prayer.


Attention Saudi Arabia.

You have collected money that is supposed to be handed over to Mahdi when he claim his property. I Mahdi hereby claim my property and want to be send CHEQUE in mail one percent every month. Do your duty Saudi Arabia so I can fast take power here in Iceland. End of Prayer.


Attention Russia.

Stop punishing Iceland for being against you in the western punishment on your nation. When I will be Prime Minister of Iceland I will have free trade and free movement of people between our countries. So please end your punishment now and not later then next August. End of Prayer.


Attention Alexei Pushkov of Russia.

The Turbines transported to Crimea is legal and Germany will stop sponsoring any further isolation on Russia by the western countries. Mr. Alexei even if the western countries in European Union will support further isolation then Russia will not do anything but instead be friendly towards the western nations. That is the way for Russia to go forward. Be friendly and the end of isolation will end. End of prayer.


Attention Germany.

Please never again support isolation on Russia. End of prayer. Amen.



 V I L H E L M U L F A R V I L H E L M S S O N

(6) -1-3-5-5-3-4 = (27) = 9 (6) -3-6-1-2 = (18) = 9 (6) -1-3-5-5- 3-4-3-3-7-5 = (45) = 9


And 999 is Allah - God himself in Person on earth.


I died in the year 1997 or 1999 if we skip the day put on for the last 2000 years but I lost all my blood and died but was given new blood and taken back to life so I am the ANOINTED which means CHRIST.........! But no one can be Christ if he is not also the true Messiah as I am..!



Your Friend and Truly,


Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson Christ and Messiah and Mahdi.



My e-mail address


Donation Payment by wire to Iceland Landsbanki - IBAN IS88 0130 2610 0162 0412 6655 49 - Swift (BIC) NBIIISRE

PAYMENT TO MY BANK ACCOUNT - IBAN IS22 0130 2680 0162 0412 6655 49 - Swift (BIC) NBIIISRE




My address in Iceland is ASPARFELL 2. APPARTMENT 3.B.




PHONE HOME LANDLINE +354-464-41-11

MOBILE NUMBER +354-776-41-11

Be free to call me for free prayer all around the clock. If no answer then please call the next day at any time. All prayers will be taken to heaven for Blessing by God the one and only himself. Again free HOLY PRAYERS for anyone.



PS. News media may contact me also and I can make phone or video conference by Skype or any computer program. Thank you. Be Blessed!



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