Attention Arab Nations. 17.07.2017.



Attention Arab Nations.

I went to heaven in Paradise and spoke to Allah the one and only and asked him who Mahdi was. Allah the one and only told me that I Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson Christ and Messiah is the same person as Mahdi. So I Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson am Christ, Messiah and Mahdi. That means that the Arab Nations need to pay me all the treasure belonging to the coming of Mahdi. That will help me in my financial struggle. So please start sending me small amounts of capital weekly and we will see how the future will be. End of Prayer. Amen.


Amen and Attention United States of America.

It has come to my attention that there are disasters in United States of America. That means that you are doomed by God the one and only. What you are doing wrong is many things. Re enter the Paris agreement. Stop the isolation of Russia. Open to the public that I am Christ and Messiah and let the free flow of capital flow to my bank accounts. Ban laptops and other electric devices in all your air planes. Invite Russia as full member of NATO. Invade North Korea. Stop supporting the Palestinians on west bank and Gaza strip for that is Israel sovereign property. Make the Car companies in United States of America stop copying the Holy German Cars. Isolate Iran with full trade block and isolation. Start building the 200 more then you have the 100 nuclear reactors. Ban Coal, Oil and Gas companies from using these polluting stuff and help them into Nuclear age of my Golden Age. And so on and so on. Please pay the medical bills of all your United States of America population so you will not be doing more evil as preventing them from medical care. And so on and so on. No wonder that you are doomed. I will however Bless the American Arm forces because the date that my Blessing will expire is 10.08.2017. So I have decided to Make new Blessing that last through this year but only on war with North Korea and any other Nation that intervene in United States of America Arm forces attack on North Korea. My Blessing will end at midnight of 31.12.2017 – 01.01.2018. Here is my Blessing. I AND GOD THE ONE AND ONLY HERBY MAKE HOLY BLESSING ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARMS FORCES ON HOLY WAR ON NORTH KOREA BY USING AIR, GROUND, SEA AND NUCLEAR WEAPONS AS MUCH UNTIL FULL SURRENDER OF ALL RULING STAFF OF NORTH KOREA AND WE ALSO MAKE BLESSING ON THE DEATH SENTENCE ON ALL RULING STAFF OF NORTH KOREA WHO DO NOT WANT TO SURRENDER UNTIL LARGE CASULTIES OF NORTH KOREAN POPULATION. End of Prayer. AMEN.



 V I L H E L M U L F A R V I L H E L M S S O N

(6) -1-3-5-5-3-4 = (27) = 9 (6) -3-6-1-2 = (18) = 9 (6) -1-3-5-5- 3-4-3-3-7-5 = (45) = 9


And 999 is Allah - God himself in Person on earth.


I died in the year 1997 or 1999 if we skip the day put on for the last 2000 years but I lost all my blood and died but was given new blood and taken back to life so I am the ANOINTED which means CHRIST.........! But no one can be Christ if he is not also the true Messiah as I am..!



Your Friend and Truly,


Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson Christ and Messiah and Mahdi.



My e-mail address


Donation Payment by wire to Iceland Landsbanki - IBAN IS22 0130 2680 0162 0412 6655 49 - Swift (BIC) NBIIISRE



My address in Iceland is ASPARFELL 2. APPARTMENT 3.B.



PHONE HOME LANDLINE +354-464-41-11

MOBILE NUMBER +354-776-41-11

Be free to call me for free prayer all around the clock. If no answer then please call the next day at any time. All prayers will be taken to heaven for Blessing by God the one and only himself. Again free HOLY PRAYERS for anyone.



PS. News media may contact me also and I can make phone or video conference by Skype or any computer program. Thank you. Be Blessed!



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