Attention World Nations. 12.07.2017.



Attention World Nations.

I have been at a meeting with God the one and only and he has told me the following. The lost link of Benjamin was lost in Iceland. God the one and only told me that the population of Iceland are most of them related to the lost link of Benjamin. How ever Benjamin is not regarded as Jewish but instead the youngest son of Jacob. So the land of Iceland is like the Promise land of Israel. I walked down the hill in Reykjavik just like the hill in Israel Zion and I have already claimed there that I was Christ and Messiah. I have fulfilled the prophesy of the Bible. But Jesus walked down Zion and claimed to be Messiah but he was not Christ because in order to be Christ then you must loose all your blood and die and be given new blood and come back to life. In order to be so then you must be the anointed the Christ. Jesus however just died and was buried somewhere in Israel. He never rose to heaven in order to be Christ. Sorry but Jesus was now Christ but only Messiah. I am here to lead mankind into the Golden Age and make Peace all around the world. My Kingdom on earth does not only last for one thousand years but for one hundred thousand years like God the one and only just told me on my meeting with him. So delay on Donation will only make suffering and death until I will be true leader here in Iceland and EU and Russia if the Russian people want a new Tzar in Capital city of Saint Petersburg. I wonder why I have not gotten any Donation from anyone yet!! I claim over 50 Billion dollars from the Vatican and over 50 Billion dollars from the people and State of Israel and the Arab community need to Donate me what has been promised to me by dying and dead Muslim individuals. Because the individuals who owe me money I hereby make horrible Curse into Horror on all individuals and Nations who do not pay me my legally my own money and I will keep this horrific curse in place until the end of this year 31.12.2017. at midnight of 01.01.2018. I have been on a meeting with God the one and only and God the one and only will make disaster fall upon them who do not pay me my money directly into my bank account. I make this horrible curse because people are dying all around the world that I can prevent and they will keep dying until I come and rescue them from disaster. Here is my Curse on the guilty. I AND GOD THE ONE AND ONLY CURSE TO DEATH OR HORROR THOSE WHO CAN AND KNOW HOW TO PAY LARGE DONATION TO VILHELM ULFAR VILHELMSSON SO VILHELM ULFAR VILHELMSSON CAN FOCUS ON PUBLIC MEDIA FOR VILHELM ULFAR VILHELMSSON SO THE WILL OF GOD THE ONE AND ONLY WILL BE HEARD ALL AROUND THE WORLD AND SO WORLD PEACE WILL COME TO ALL AND THE GOLDEN AGE WILL START. WE CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER SO I VILHELM ULFAR VILHELMSSON AND GOD THE ONE AND ONLY CURSE TO HORROR AND DISASTER EVERYONE WHO FAIL TO DELIVER VILHELM ULFAR VILHELMSSON THE MONEY THAT VILHELM ULFAR VILHELMSSON RIGHTFULLY OWNS. HERBY CURSED INTO HORROR AND DISASTER. The Curs has taken place. We will wait until the payments will arrive but all payments will be confidential due to that it is not in concern for anyone to know who or why Donation has been paid. End of Prayer. Amen.



 V I L H E L M U L F A R V I L H E L M S S O N

(6) -1-3-5-5-3-4 = (27) = 9 (6) -3-6-1-2 = (18) = 9 (6) -1-3-5-5- 3-4-3-3-7-5 = (45) = 9


And 999 is Allah - God himself in Person on earth.


I died in the year 1997 or 1999 if we skip the day put on for the last 2000 years but I lost all my blood and died but was given new blood and taken back to life so I am the ANOINTED which means CHRIST.........! But no one can be Christ if he is not also the true Messiah as I am..!



Your Friend and Truly,


Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson Christ and Messiah.



My e-mail address


Donation Payment by wire to Iceland Landsbanki - IBAN IS22 0130 2680 0162 0412 6655 49 - Swift (BIC) NBIIISRE



My address in Iceland is ASPARFELL 2. APPARTMENT 3.B.



PHONE HOME LANDLINE +354-464-41-11

MOBILE NUMBER +354-776-41-11

Be free to call me for free prayer all around the clock. If no answer then please call the next day at any time. All prayers will be taken to heaven for Blessing by God the one and only himself. Again free HOLY PRAYERS for anyone.



PS. News media may contact me also and I can make phone or video conference by Skype or any computer program. Thank you. Be Blessed!



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Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson
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